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5 Ways to Turn Your Current Job Into a Dream Job

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

Lazy. Unpassionate. Disconnected… Words that are typically projected and labeled on millennial workers, by generations that came before us. I would argue, however, that these labels actually apply to very few of us. The truth behind our desires and actions is a simple yearn to land that “dream” job. The job that satisfies our need for growth, flexibility and creativity.

If you are sitting on the other side of the screen unfulfilled, stuck and longing for more, don’t be discouraged. I hope that you will soon be inspired to know that you are already equipped with everything you need to make your current situation better!

When I first graduated college, I had the expectation that my first job was going to be my forever job. A job, that like my parents, I would work in for the next 30 years of my life until I retired. Well 2 years later, I work for my third company and could not be more fulfilled. Finally. Through my experiences, I have learned a lot and am here to share the reality that life is what you make it and your dream job can be any job you allow it to be. Once this clicked for me, my job began to look different, my opportunities expanded, and my appreciation began to increase. I have lessons for days, but let’s start with these 5 ways to make your current situation better.

Find Your Winning Edge

Adding value in everything that you do is advice that sounds like common sense, but I personally underestimated the fulfillment this truly brings. Millennials are often committed to making a difference, so the more you understand the role that you play for your team, the more joy you will get from it. You were put on your team for a reason. I encourage you to get clear on your purpose and invest in that. Stay in your lane and own it! Not sure how to add value at work? Check out these 15 ways.  

Level Up

I am an advocate for dreamers. Those that long to do more, be more and see more. I do, however, want to be clear that your desire for more should neither hinder your current opportunities nor bring unhappiness to your life. An easy fix for dissatisfaction for your current position is to level up. If you wish that you were a higher level, then begin to act like it. Slowly but surely your work will not only impress your team, but open doors to your next opportunity. If you did not get assigned a project that you wanted, volunteer to help with it. Be an advocate for what you want and don’t stop at the boundaries set by others!

Get Vocal

You may have heard this before, but seriously, people cannot read your mind. I am not writing that to encourage you to now complain or point out unfairness, but to encourage you to leverage your genius. Yes…genius! We each have it, few embrace it. As a millennial, I hope that you leverage your fresh perspective and outlook. I hope that you embrace the opportunity to be bold and bring new ideas to the table. I hope that you simply get vocal. It might surprise you what initiatives or programs your company may put into place as a result of your desires.

Become a Designer

My mantra for 2017 was; “She designed the life she loved.” Simple, yet so powerful. When I realized that I had the power to design my dream job, it fell into my lap. I encourage you to map out your design. How can you leverage what you currently have for your benefit? What skills, projects, or contacts can you be adding to your professional toolkit? Do not let dissatisfaction cloud you from realizing the gems all around you. When you begin to appreciate and value the little things day in and day out, it will all seem like a dream. You will begin to discover more and more each day and instantly be more fulfilled.

Use Your Head

Your mind is the key to every opportunity! Your current opportunity will turn into your dream opportunity when you embrace your own willingness. When you put aside the excuses, roadblocks and unknowns and begin to use your mind. Take every opportunity to invest in yourself. I promise it will always pay off.

Imagine that you have 2 cars. A Honda and a Lamborghini. You want to go somewhere and the Honda is the only car that has gas. Which are you taking to your destination? Correct, the Honda. The point of my questions is that you cannot have Lamborghini dreams, but only fuel your Honda. It’s time to start investing in the now and creating your current reality. Your dream job can very well be your current job, but the choice is yours.

Let's get real. There will always be things that you wish for, but I encourage you to take these 5 action items as a start for better. You will be surprised how much power you have to change your situations when you have the right perspective and mentality. New people will cross your path, new projects will fall in your lap and new doors will open. Stay focused. Stay willing. Stay encouraged.

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