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3 Factors for a Quality Employee Experience

I started working at the age of eighteen and have worked in various positions and work environments including: clothing retail, electronics retail, a clinic setting, sales, hospitality, non-profits and the legal field. Each experience had strengths and weaknesses, and it took working in different fields to learn what I value in an employer as a working millennial today. Generally, there are three things my employer must have in order to keep me as an employee. With these characteristics, there is potential for a positive, long-lasting work relationship.

  1. The opportunity for growth.

I truly believe you can never become an expert at anything--there is always more to learn and there is always opportunity for growth. As a millennial in the “real world” it is important that my workplace creates opportunities to grow not only within the company, but also within the position I hold. Millennials have a hunger for knowledge, and we thrive in environments that allow us to learn new things and reach new heights. Growth creates the opportunity for an employee to excel at what she does, which of course is a benefit for the employer.

In order to foster an environment where a millennial employee can grow both professionally and within the company, it is key that employers discuss any goals that they may have for the millennial and that the millennial has for herself. Both parties should make an effort to ensure that these goals are achieved, but it is the responsibility of the employer to challenge her employees in the workplace. Employees notice when their employers invest in their growth and it fuels their dedication to their job that much more.

Our generation brings an energy and persona to the workforce that differs greatly from generations before us. We have innovative ideas, a wealth of technical knowledge, and a desire to bring about change. For companies that have existed for years, it is key that millennials progress and move up in the chain of command. Reality is that within the next few years, we will represent a large portion of the workforce, and by providing promotion opportunities for millennials, companies will continue to adapt to the changing of the times.

2. A sense of community.

Who wants to go to work every day and be around a group of people that you do not know or do not communicate with? We spend most of our day at work, so it is important that there is a sense of community and culture within the workplace. I like to know at least a little bit about my co-workers, their professional background, and where they are from. When I do not know my co-workers or do not have a positive workplace relationship with them, it makes it hard to enjoy going to work everyday when I am spending my time around people who I do not feel comfortable with.

Now I am not saying that you should be best friends with your co-workers, there is always a level of professionalism that should be maintained. However, if you can be a part of facilitating a sense of cohesion, going to work every day will be that much more enjoyable.

A sense of community at work can often make or break the performance of employees, and it can often keep them engaged. It is also a good way to retain and attract talent, which helps place the company in a position for longevity.

3. Commitment to the goal of the company.

Every company has a vision. There is a goal that needs to be achieved--whether it be helping people directly or creating solutions for other companies. When I go to work everyday, it is important that my employer is actually doing the work that it claims to do. If we sell electronics, we should be selling customers quality products that they need. If we are selling clothes, we should ensure customers feel as good as they look in whatever garments or accessories they purchase. Regardless of what niche a company has, it should have core values that it remains dedicated to throughout its existence. This is what makes a company sustainable, and it is key that these values are tailored to the specific work the company does.

There are endless things that we all look for when in the company that we work for or hope to one day work for. However, if a company has these three factors as the foundation for their employee experience, everything else can be worked out.

Anaston J. Scott, J.D 


Project Attorney 

IG: @anastonjeni

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