Evan Dean is an Industrial and Systems Engineer and graduate of Auburn University. Evan focuses on lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, logistics management, and resource management to affect a cultural shift within companies. Change the culture and you change the game. As a millennial and engineer in today’s labor market Evan uses his innovative mindset, experience, and education to help companies troubleshoot and solve many of the issues that plague start-up, small and mid-size businesses.

Tariq Martin is a Mechanical Project Engineer and graduate of Auburn University. His experience includes root cause analysis, project management, resource allocation and strategic problem solving. As a millennial,Tariq has first-hand experience working with and being a part of today’s workforce and talent pool.Tariq uses his analytical style of thinking, communication skills and project management experience to assist companies in attacking issues that affect their growth, performance and bottom line.


Leveraging years of industry experience with a background in mechanical and industrial engineering, Millennial Optics, LLC has the capability and experience to derive strategic solutions for the problems companies face as a direct result of an ever-changing job market and talent pool.With fresh perspectives and money-saving solutions,our team works diligently to drive operational excellence and shed light on organizational and administrative gaps that can impede your company’s performance. You work hard for your company, it is time to ensure that your company is working hard for you.


Millennial Optics, LLC aims to reduce company waste and provide a holistic approach to business consulting through the use of established and confirmed engineering principles and methodologies.